Is one of the leading brands of stylish and elegant
underwear for the modern man.
Created by Christos Bibitsos.
The company has been established for over 22 years
which has made it one of the leading brands of men's underwear in Greece.
With their excellent craftsmanship and quality of their
brand you will understand why the Modus Vivendi
label is not just another underwear brand. 

Is a new UK brand in men's underwear that is individually cut and shaped to fit the clients body requirements.
With the specialized cutting and shaping used in the construction of their designs you will find the perfect fit
and support needed, with a strong defined profile.
The idea and concept behind their designs comes from the fact just like women we are all different shapes and sizes, but do not have the choice of being able to choose a cup size to give us the support, uplift, and comfort to enhance our profile.
Their Swimwear range has taken into account the many different body shapes and sizes of the male form and have introduced the pack up system which is a removable inner shaped pouch to help keep a defined profile.
Their cut and style of swimwear you will have the confidence of looking the most stylish body on the beach or around the pool.
Their underwear range still keeps all the high quality and craftsmanship used in their swimwear but will give you a new fresh approach to underwear.
The cut and shaping gives you a perfect fit to complement the body shape and the fabric being light weight and breathable will give you the comfort and support needed during the day.
Is a range coming from the house of ES.
With all the main features found in a designer label without cutting any of the corners and you will be surprised by the quality cut and style of this collection.
With it’s bold colours prints and fabric you now can wear a designer label without breaking the bank balance but still feel confident with any situation that may arise.